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manis Scientific Name : Cinnamomum verum
Ordinary Name : Ceylon cinnamon
Local Name : Kayu manis
Family : Lauraceae



Cinnamon comes from Sri Lanka. He is the oldest spice hundred and contained in the book of the Bible.

Plant Features:

This point may be enlarged and reaches a height of 6 m and thus sometimes may reach a height of 12 m so. The trunk is straight with a diameter between 30-60 cm. Mature subject having a thick skin is brown gray. This subject has a low limb and lot. Hujung tapered leaves with a portion of the base is rounded and sometimes slightly tapered

Plant nature

This point is usually planted in Malaysia. This subject may be found half grown wild in Sri Lanka in the soil moist so pamah low altitude of 2,000 feet. Cinnamon bii be bred seed or cutouts.

Used Courant

  •      Bark and leaves

Nursing Practice Tradition

This plant has antifungal and antibacterial materials. Oil from this plant is bubbling and it is used for guarding and escorting germ outbreaks of low blood pressure when a portion is used for maintainability skin dyspepsia (ketidakhadaman food), abdominal bloating, dysentery (cirit ass), bronchitis (swelling of the air tiub kerongkong) and gangrene (pereputan tissue) in the lungs. The main knock on skin and cooked may be used on the outside body portion by means menuam for maintainability festering boils. The oil is also effective for treating rheumatic diseases and chronic that teruk. Cinnamon is also allowed to take care of uric stomach spasms, toothache and lost momentum on a portion of the tongue and may be used for maintainability kanser. In China, basic skin and dried twigs may be used for treating kanser maintainability, high blood pressure and problems with stomach pain ubatan mixing with other materials.

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