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Jabatan Perhutanan Negeri Perak - Change to Third Language
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Change to Third Language


Translation for the third language on the site Perak Forestry Department is made using the computerized / automated system from Google Translator.

The state government or agency, we will not confirm the validity, reliability, or accuracy of the information is interpreted by the system and we will not be responsible for any loss due to trust and rely on the system completely. Please contact us, if you wish to complain about a translation error.

Original official content available on the format of English and English only.

Here are some translations available. Please select the language of your choice:

  1. Bahasa Cina
  2. Bahasa Tamil
  3. Bahasa Jepun
  4. Bahasa Arab
  5. Bahasa Perancis

Amenity Forest Services Charge

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Medicinal Plants & Biodiversity

List of Information about Medicinal Plants & Biodiversity. Click Here

Amenity Forest & State Park Forest 

List of Information is Provided. Click Here

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