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Forest Development

For 2011, a total of RM 13,850,000.00 has been approved to fund the Forest Development Projects at RM 6,000,000.00 is allocated for State Development (P07) and RM 7,850,000.00 for the Provision of Forest Development Fund (KWPH).

1.0 Forest Resources Management Program

Forest Resources Management program implemented to strengthen the position and get the latest information of Permanent Forest Reserve to Sustainable Forest Management can be implemented under the Forest Resources Management Program.

   1.1 Boundary Permanent Reserved Forests (PRF)

   Cleaning and Marking Project External Borders HSK implemented to avoid any intrusion and also to facilitate the control      of forest harvesting work. The project is also underway to identify the exact position HSK border so that it can be      
   managed in a sustainable manner.

   Maintenance outer boundary Permanent Forest Reserve for the year 2011 alone is a ± 663.81 km and to work measuring
   and marking new boundaries as far as ± 22.74 km still in the process of measurement.

   1.2 Before Felling Forest Inventory (Pre-F)

   Before Felling Forest Inventory Project carried out to obtain timely and accurate information about a forest stand to plan,
   harvest manage forest resources in an orderly, proper and efficient in addition to long-term development plan of the forest
   so that maximum benefit can be obtained in a sustainable manner. For 2011 through November ± 6,146.36 ha area has
   been carried out successfully Forest Inventory Before Felling (Pre-F).

2.0 Natural Forest Development Program

Natural Forest Development Programme was implemented to rehabilitate and improve the productivity of a reserve forest for timber production and other forest products can be improved and guaranteed in the future.

   2.1 After Felling Forest Inventory 2.1 (Post-F)

   After Felling Forest Inventory project was conducted to obtain accurate and timely information on forest stands that have
   been harvested Permanent Storage for planning and determining the type of treatment sesuai.Bagi 2011 until November
   covering ± 1,820 hectares have been successfully carried out.

   2.2 Cutting the Roots / climbers (CL)

   Cutting the Roots Project is mengelang tree climbers who are poor or disabled and protecting seedlings selection (RS)    
   and cut the roots / climbers. The treatment is performed to open the crown to tree selection gradually so that the tree can
   grow very quickly, reducing competition with trees that do not rub up and improve the economic status of the stand with a
   selection of high quality trees. For 2011 through November covering ± 1,680 hectares have been successfully carried out.

3.0 Development of Forest Plantation

Existing forest plantations in the State is 4,818 ± square hectares, which was mainly located in Forest Chikus. In 2011 an area of ± 30 hectares have been developed with rubber trees and Karas.

4.0 Enrichment Planting

Enrichment Planting projects underway to help restore the contents of the forest to reach the desired level, especially in terms of composition and quality-driven type. Enrichment Planting Project conducted berdarkan Forest Inventory decisions after harvest (Post-F). Indicating an inadequate stand the content and distribution of selected plants. For 2011 through November covering ± 30 hectares was carried Enrichment Planting and ± 100 hectares was carried Enrichment Planting treatment.

Amenity Forest Services Charge

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Medicinal Plants & Biodiversity

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Amenity Forest & State Park Forest 

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