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Jabatan Perhutanan Negeri Perak - Planning & Management of Forests
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Forest Management & Planning

Division Function

This unit is responsible for managing the Permanent Reserved Forests (PRF) systematically record the gazetting of forest gazetting in / repeal HSK, plan and implement programs and activities such as washing the management of forest resources and mark the outer boundaries of HSK and pre-felling forest inventory (Pre-F) with the goal of sustainable forest management. Other activities are planned and implemented development programs and activities in order to preserve natural forests natural forests for teaching and research purposes, such as Virgin Jungle Reserves (VJR) and High Conservation Value Forest (High Conservation Forests Value, HCVFs). The unit is also responsible for planning and preparing Forest Management Plan (FMP), Work Plan Matang Mangrove Forest (RKH) and coordinating the preparation of the Annual Plan Forest (RTH) in each district of the state of Perak Forestry Administration as well as coordinate the establishment and development of parcels review and coordinate the implementation of Criteria and Indicators for Forest Management Certification in Malaysia {MC & I (Natural Forest)} for FMU Silver.

In addition, the unit is also responsible for managing and implementing the Central Forest Spine (CFS) in Perak. CFS as interpreted in the National Physical Plan (NPP) is the backbone of the network environment Environmentally Sensitive Area (ESA) in Peninsular Malaysia. NPP has identified the fragmentation of the forest as a 'threat to the conservation of forests and biodiversity protection. Therefore this unit will identify the range of use of the forest area is further enhanced through the identification of the CFS and the program to create a network and corridor for the purpose of consolidation of forest fragments in creating balance and interest among the mainstream of development and conservation activities.

In addition, this unit also oversees the Information Technology Unit is responsible for the maintenance of ICT equipment, management software applications and facilities, management of the Department's website, technical assistance, data updates and other relevant.

Objectives of the Unit

Here are some of the objectives of Planning & Management unit;

Prepare and update Forest Resource Information;
Plan preparation and monitoring of the implementation of plans for the management and development of forest resources to forest land and mangrove forests;
Plan, manage and mrlaksanakan da maintenance activities marking the outer boundaries of Permanent Forest Reserve;
Plan, manage and implement activities Before Felling Forest Inventory (Pre-F);
Planning and Implementation mamantau activities related to forest management certification.

Project Who Exercised

Mangrove Forest Working Plan for the period 2010 - 2019
Forest Resources Management Programme Under the provisions of the State Development (PO7) and the Forest Development Fund (KWPH)
Sustainable Forest Management Project funded under the Fund for Timber Industry Development (KPIKM)
Marking and Measuring the External Borders Permanent Forest Reserve

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Amenity Forest & State Park Forest 

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