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Jabatan Perhutanan Negeri Perak - Operation & Enforcement
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Operations and Law Enforcement

Division Function

This unit is responsible for the implementation and monitoring of the operational activities and the enforcement of the forest; processing applications for timber production and other forest products from Permanent Reserved Forests, State Land and Land Use Permit application and to carry out activities in the Permanent Forest Reserve; implement forest law enforcement, including investigation and prosecution of cases of forest offenses; collect and update information on forest offenses and the actions that have been taken and to evaluate the effectiveness of the enforcement system and the determination of damages and compound assessment of forest offenses. Investigation and Prosecution Division under the supervision of the Operations and Enforcement Unit, which is responsible for the implementation and monitoring of forest enforcement activities and provide advice and technical assistance to the State Forestry Department on matters relating to the complaint, information gathering and investigation of forest offense cases.

Law Enforcement Strategy

Perform enforcement duties in an effective and intensive forest based Negara1984 Forest Enactment Act (Application) Act 1985, Wood-Based Industry Enactment 1987, the Forest Rules 1988 and Wood-Based Industries Rules 1990 and completes the team or unit of enforcement with the tools and skills facilities in discharging its responsibilities for enforcement.


Perak State Government has adopted the National Forestry Act 1984 (Act 313) with effect from 19 November 1985 and the National Forestry Act (Amendment 1993) (Act A864) with effect from 6 April 1994 Received sharing acts is through the Enactment of Act National Forestry Act 1984 (Application) Regulations 1985 and the National Forest Enactment (Adoption Amendment) Act 1994, Administration, management, development and control of the State's forests in Perak is to be executed in accordance with the legal provisions contained in the two enactments are supported by the regulations contained in the Forest rules 1988 and amendments thereafter the State Forestry Department is also responsible for developing and overseeing the processing industry based on timber in the State of Perak. Duties include coordinating, licensing and control activities based on Wood-Based Industry Enactment 1987, which became effective on July 30, 1987 and the Forest Rules (Amendment) Act 1998 which came into effect on July 1, 1998.

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